Trump falsely tells Pennsylvania voters that trade war has helped economy

2019-08-07  · Many Democrats believe Jill Stein and/or Gary Johnson helped Trump win in 2016, but their Green and Libertarian successors won’t get as many “protest” votes. Democrats have grabbed the Green New Deal and Libertarians may run another ex-Republican.

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2018-06-09  · Are you saying that you would want to vote for Trump again, or that you would vote for a conservative republican? I ask because I can’t tell if Trump supporters like him merely for his aberrant behavior or for his policies. And given the new issues of trade, are there results of the presumably upcoming trade war that would change your view?

Compiled by RAHIMY RAHIMPANDAS at the San Diego Zoo in California have become the latest “collateral damage” due to the prolonged US-China trade war, reported China Press. Both pandas arrived in Sichuan province on May 16 and will remain under quarantine for one month. Bai Yun spent 22 years at the San Diego Zoo.

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trump tells pennsylvania voters that trade war has helped economy; Trump tells Pennsylvania voters that trade war has helped economy. monday, May 20, 2019 1:26 p.m. CDT.

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2016-06-29  · For Mr. Trump, who has shifted and doubled back on high-profile policy pronouncements, trade has been a rare area of consistency in the 2016 race. At nearly every campaign rally, Mr. Trump has knocked trade deals with China as unfair to the American worker so frequently as to make his percussive pronunciation of China a hallmark of impersonators.

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Overall, Trump’s trade war will have raised the average tariff on Chinese imports from 3.1% in 2017, before the hostilities began, to 24.3%. "The bottom line is that, for the first time, Trump’s trade war is likely to directly raise prices for a lot of household budget items like clothing, shoes, toys, and consumer electronics," Bown wrote in an report.