Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’

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Not in the near future. If there’s a new election and the current Labour party is wiped out then it will probably try to swing back. There are a bunch of people who might pop up to lead it. However, I don’t think it’s likely to crash out in the ne.

 · Even though Tony Blair was able to lead the Labour Party after being educated at Fettes College, a top secondary school in Scotland, the Tories might seem to be more at risk than Labour.

In 1994 the Labour leadership thought they could achieve power by sitting back and. being the only feasible method of putting Labour back in to power.. In the immediate aftermath of the defeat, Tony Blair's analysis had been. Smith wanted to put Labour in government, Blair wanted to make Labour the.

If your strategy is to not win any new seats and. “To some extent Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock disrupted the Labour Party for the better. At that moment in time that was probably needed. The problem.

By Tony Blair. I wanted to come here to the heart of this great country. To a great. We have always made clear this campaign will take time.. force has entered Kosovo and allowed the refugees a return to their homes.. We need to focus in a serious and sustained way on the principles of the doctrine of.

Tony Blair thinks Labour can "win at any point" as he suggests the party just needs to commit to winning an election. In an apparent attack on the "hard left" stance of Jeremy Corbyn ‘s party, the.

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Organisers tend to be better at winning. will fail to win more than 36% of the votes. Only Tony Blair has got Labour above that threshold since 1979. It should by now be abundantly obvious that.

Ex-donors want Tony Blair to help new breakaway labour. mps after Tory landslide.. They know elections are won in centre and one thing Tony Blair knows about is winning elections. A Tory Party on the right pretending to be in centre may win this election but it will soon be apparent how.