Puppy stolen from family two years ago found nearly 2,000 miles away

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POMONA (CBSLA.com) – Missing for two years, a dog named Liam has been found nearly 2,000 miles from his home in Arkansas. The 4-year-old Husky mix was found a week ago roaming the streets of Ontario by a Good Samaritan who ended up calling the Inland Valley Humane Society.

Story: Two years ago a man in Wisconsin says his dog Chaos was stolen after he asked a friend to watch it, while he was trying to get his life in order. He didn’t think he would ever see his precious pooch again until he got a call from an animal services employee who found a stray dog in her driveway.

Rare bulldog stolen and taken 2,000 miles, but dogged police. titan was found almost 1,000 miles away in Greenville, SC thanks to his. Two months and 2,000 miles later, the growing puppy finally met its family Sunday.

Puppy stolen after she was left for five minutes in a museum’s ‘dog area’. They took French bulldog puppy Bella to a motoring museum, and left her in a designated area for people to leave their pets. But ‘five minutes’ after leaving her 2,000 puppy, owner Abby Joiner had second thoughts and went back to get her.

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Dog Is Found 2,000 Miles Away From Home – Then 20 strangers bring Him Back To Owner. The operation was similar to a relay race in that each volunteer drove jake 100 miles before passing him onto the next volunteer, who would drive another 100 miles. In the end, 20 volunteers made 30 stops across 9 states just to bring Jake home. His owners were overjoyed when they were finally reunited with their beloved dog!

Two years after a puppy was stolen in Florida, it was found abandoned in Colorado and returned to its family thanks to the pet’s microchip ID.

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