Obama Care Another Way to Screw the Middle Class

Obamacare made middle class worse off As a result of unattractive exchange plans and the lack of financial assistance to reduce high deductibles and other forms of cost sharing, only about one-in-five eligible people who qualify for a premium tax credit but not a cost-sharing subsidy has purchased an exchange plan.

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With that no kore private insurance, his new company as does yours has put us on Obama care. I am paying more for my visit then I would without insurance. I too have to change my kids pediatrician and our primary care who we have had for years. We too are paying a ridiculous amount of money monthly $1500-1600 for a middle class family.

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What’s more, "the middle class" – that demographic that Obama claims to want to help so much, is getting walloped the most, which is a pretty common side effect of liberal policies: In truth, Obamacare’s subsidies are as byzantine as one would expect from a 2,700-page effort to take over American medicine.

On today’s episode of The Daily Signal Podcast, we feature an interview with Julio Gonzalez, chairman of Engineered Tax Services, and Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage.

The ObamaCare Tax on the Middle Class.. So here you have a law that offers you $10,000 to buy health insurance (or, put another way, gives you a discount of more than 80 percent), but says that if you decline to buy it you’ll have to pay a penalty of $1,390.. and the middle-poor class.

Brace yourself for the next health insurance crisis: The middle class. With GOP lawmakers paralyzed about how to repeal and replace ObamaCare, Sens.. they 're predicted to rise another 25 percent to 35 percent next year.

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In the coming weeks, the primary goal of House and Senate Republicans is to pass a piece of legislation that experts say may do more for the wealthy-and less for the middle class-than any tax.

Obamacare Attacks the Middle Class. Obamacare is looking more and more like it was designed to punish the middle class at the expense of the Democratic base-just like the old welfare days.

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