The three executive orders seek to undermine three things that serve as a protection for the merit systems and against the politicization of the civil service: removal procedure and merit principles, official time, and collective bargaining. After seeing the misinformation campaigns against EPA and VA workers, it’s clear that the administration is trying to undermine our democracy and usher in.

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Workplace Retaliation. State and Federal employment and labor laws with relevant provisions prohibit employment and workplace retaliation, a form of unlawful discrimination, against employees for one or more of the following.. Reasonably exercising their employee rights under the laws; Reporting alleged employer violations of the laws to the proper authorities, such as to the government.

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 · How to Run for Political Office. Are you passionate about issues in your community and ready to find solutions? Running for political office could give you the chance to make a difference. Before going all in, be sure you’ve carefully.

Walmart Illegally Retaliated Against Workers Speaking Out For Higher Wages, Against Income Inequality Sweeping decision by labor board is largest ever complaint against employer WASHINGTON – The National labor relations board issued the largest-ever complaint against Walmart today for breaking federal labor law by violating workers’ rights.

Employee leaves are administered on a consistent basis, and employees are. Employers must schedule employee work hours on election day in. employee who takes public service leave may not lose seniority rights. An employer cannot discharge, discriminate or retaliate against an employee who is a victim.